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Customers who love you + Impactful entrepreneurship = The wheat straw from StrawZ

Beer coaster

Hay! How you doing? Showing some climate-neutral, sustainable, corporate social responsibility? Great! Please join us. When it comes to CO2 emissions, sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. Or something like that.

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All the craziness on a straw.

Here at StrawZ, we dislike finger pointing, but muddling on for prolonged periods of time and not doing anything is no longer an option either. So think green, do green. But with achievable ambitions if possible.


Small steps, big difference.
That's what we like.

Exactly. Away with that plastic straw; jump to HAY! Straws in your glass – now that’s what you call impactful entrepreneurship. It doesn’t just look better, but is also nicer to drink through. You can bet that your customers* would love a green fingerprint such as this. Incidentally, your competitors won’t. But HAY! They should have made the switch to StrawZ sooner then.

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Whale Turtle

Little by little, we are removing that plastic from our oceans. All the turtles, whales and your great great grandchildren will thank you for it.

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Also available in XXL packs.

The commercial benefits of StrawZ

Shipping icon Rapid delivery
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Money icon Attractive
discount options
Organic icon 100% natural and
gluten-free straw
Plastic bottle icon No plastic =
Perfect calling card