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Make the simple switch to StrawZ

We understand very (!) well that you want to switch to our 100% natural straws as soon as possible. HAY! Straws are in a league of their own. Find out yourself!

Table Strawz
HAY! Straws HAY! Straws Bioplastic Bioplastic Paper Paper Bamboo Bamboo Metal Metal> Glass Glass
Never sticky Check! Check! Check! Check! Check!
Hot drinks Check! Check! Check!
Horeca-friendly Check! Check! Check!
100% Natural Check! Check!
100% Compostable Check! Check!
Man with HAY! Straw Boo hoo to bamboo! No plastic please Glass good riddance no... Metal not in my cup of tea! Paper is passé
Join the Straw-volutionTM.
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The commercial benefits of StrawZ

Shipping icon Rapid delivery
(within 48 hours)
Money icon Attractive
discount options
Organic icon 100% natural and
gluten-free straw
Plastic bottle icon No plastic =
Perfect calling card