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PLA and bio-based plastics are not the solution to our plastic problem

  • 2 min read

What we from StrawZ with our Hay!Straws have known for a long time has now also been independently established by "De Monitor" from KRO-NCRV.

PLA made from sugar cane, for example, or bio-based plastics made from avocado seeds are not the solution to our plastic problem.


What many people do not know is that bioplastics and PLA do not compost under natural conditions. It is only compostable under industrial conditions.

But then it has to be sorted and offered separately to the various composting plants. Although the user pays for this, it does not happen and PLA and biobased plastics simply disappear into the incinerator.

If it is offered to a composting plant, it is still offered as residual waste. Research shows that the composting process currently used in composting plants takes an average of 4 weeks, while the processing and composting of PLA and biobased plastics under conditioned circumstances requires 12 weeks.

The industrial processing and composting of PLA and bio-based plastics therefore has no positive effect on the quality of the final compost. This is why this waste is separated from green waste and ends up as residual waste to be incinerated.


At the moment Milieu Centraal even advises to throw PLA and bio plastics with the residual waste!


That's why we at StrawZ have chosen our Hay! Straws as an alternative to plastic, bio-based plastic, PLA and paper straws. Our Hay!Straws are 100% sustainable, completely natural and naturally biodegradable, the only correct alternative that does slurp up in a responsible manner!

Watch the show and draw your own conclusion and order our straws and "Join the Straw-Volution®" like many others who have gone before you!