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Sample box 2-10 straws
Select your samples: Cocktail Straws 5"

We can hardly imagine it. But still not convinced of our 100% natural straws? Don't be shy, just request free samples of these sustainable straws!

You only pay the shipping costs. Nice isn't it? This way you can try them yourself before you switch completely to sustainable slurping. With your next order you will receive a discount code with a 10% discount, do not forget to exchange it within 7 days, otherwise the offer will expire.

You'll get a maximum of 1 free sample box per product.

All with the same benefits;

  • EU and USDA certified

  • 100% natural, sustainable and truly environmentally friendly

  • made from natural reed and wheat stems, but gluten-free!

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable in 42 days

  • suitable for hot and cold drinks

  • do not get soggy unlike straws based on paper, pasta, sugar and rice

  • suitable for single use

  • the only real alternative to plastic, PLA or biobase plastic cocktail straws

  • 100% (bio) plastic-free