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Why choose natural reed and wheat straws from StrawZ!

Better Safe than Sorry

You need to know for yourself, but are you sure your current straws are safe? EU or USDA certified? Legal? Are you that entrepreneur who just presents his customers with something?

No of course not! 

As an entrepreneur you want to be sure that what you serve your customers is 100% clear and safe. Of course you do this in the most organic and sustainable way, also for your non-food products such as straws.

With products from StrawZ you can be sure that everything is safe, certified and fully tested.

Our products have a low ecological footprint, are ethically and fairly sourced & processed.

Don't you also attach great importance to your customers experience? 

We certainly do, so opt for quality and safety, instead of cheap and tricky. 

So be careful to be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Just choose StrawZ!

Some of our fantastic distributors which support us with the Straw-Volution!® movement.

StrawZ started at the end of 2018 with the mission "Reducing the ecological footprint in the hospitality industry".

Since then, more and more hospitality businesses are working with our products. They are thrilled about the possibilities that our straws provide as an alternative to (bio-based) plastic and paper straws. Their customers love them, and they really see the need and urge of ditching straws that have a huge negative downside to the environment. 

To supply these companies worldwide we are happy and more than proud to work with multiple distributors and wholesalers.

If interested in our products don't hesitate and contact one of these distributors or wholesalers, our products are in stock and listed with these great forward-thinking suppliers!

Are you also interested in distributing our products and to shine on this wall of fame? Contact us!

Let's make the world a better place together!

StrawZ distributors