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Cocktail Straws Jumbo Martini 6''

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Looking for an alternative to those avocado seed straws out of bio-plastic which are prohibited as of July 2021 in Europe? Take a look at our HAY! Jumbo Martini cocktail 6" straws for example. These are 100% natural, made out of reed stems and, completely legal even after the Single Use Plastic ban of July 2021. They don't contain any plastic or bio-plastic.

This alternative for avocado seed straws are perfect for thicker drinks like smoothies and Bloody Marys. Unlike avocado seed straws, these are just 100% natural reed stems. Promised!

Besides straws out of reed we also got straws out of wheat. These are a little thinner, but just as sustainable. Just check them out in our wholesale collection (link) or go to this (link) to pick your straw.

Check our alternatives for avocado straws. All our eco-friendly straws are;

  • EU and USDA certified

  • 100% natural, sustainable and truly environmentally friendly

  • made from natural reed or wheat stems, but gluten-free!

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable within weeks

  • suitable for hot and cold drinks

  • do not get soggy unlike straws based on paper, pasta, sugar and rice

  • At home suitable for reuse

  • the only real alternative to plastic, PLA or bio-plastic drinking straws

  • 100% plastic free


 Dimensions Cocktail Straws Jumbo Martini 6''

  • length = 15 cm
  • diameter = Ø 5-7.5 mm